Sustainability Policies and Procedures

Your go-to source for specific procedures, tenant guidelines or forms related to sustainability, including the Green Office Guide, Green Tenant Improvement Guide, Smoking Policy, and the Sustainable Purchasing Policy.

  • Green Office Guide: The Green Office Guide provides simple, low-cost behavior strategies, best practices, and resources our tenants can use to create a green office. This guide is a starting place for you to learn more about the benefits of green buildings and inspire you to explore the many ways you can join us in providing a healthy work environment for your employees and be a positive image as a leader in sustainability. For further details, please refer to the Green Office Guide PDF.
  • Green Tenant Improvement Guide: The Green Tenant Improvement Guide serves to educate you, the tenant, about a variety of strategies you can use to green your interior space. This handbook will show you how greening your tenant space can result in employee health and productivity. For more specific tips on tenant improvements, please refer to the Green Tenant Improvement Guide PDF.
  • Smoking Policy: This policy is intended to prevent or minimize exposure of building occupants, indoor surfaces and systems to environmental tobacco smoke (ETS). Smoking Policy PDF.
  • Sustainable Purchasing Policy: The goal of the Sustainable Purchasing Policy is to reduce the negative environmental impacts of materials and supplies purchased, and to provide guidance toward responsible management practices. Sustainable Purchasing Policy PDF.
  • Waste Management Policy: The goal for this policy is to reduce the amount of waste and toxins hauled to and disposed of in landfills by recycling. You qualify for the MRP2 Prerequisite just by having this policy in place. The goal is to reuse, recycle, or compost at least 50% of ongoing consumable goods and reuse or recycle 75% of durable goods, recycle 100% of batteries and mercury containing lamps. Waste Mangement Policy PDF.